By using the services connected to this site and all the pages related to Racesleader this site (hereinafter referred to as “the services” or “the service”), the user is required to comply with the conditions and terms of use specified below.
Each user is required to check these conditions to make sure of any changes that have occurred since the last visit to the site.
The purchase of the services offered and the use of the site and the aforementioned services implies full acceptance of the following conditions and the changes that have occurred in the meantime.
Therefore, by making a purchase on this site, users automatically accept the following general terms and conditions of use.


Personal data
By entering personal contact information (email address, telephone number) you automatically consent to be contacted. Communications will be interrupted on request without restrictions.

The service is digital. To complete the service, only the creation of the member account is required after payment.
Purchasing implies full acceptance of the following conditions and the exemption from any liability for the supplier. All products are the intellectual property of Racesleader. Therefore the disclosure of the services without the owner’s approval is not permitted in any form.

To use the course, simply access your membership area communicated following payment. The use of the course is exclusive. You cannot share, sell or give away your login credentials with others. The accesses are monitored and if the supplier notices something unusual it will immediately take legal action.

The provider is not connected in any way with instagram, facebook, other social networks and external programs that may be used, therefore it is not responsible for the actions carried out by them and for the results they bring.
The supplier is in no way responsible for any damage, problem or inconvenience caused to the person or business for which the service is used.
The service offered represents an obligation of means and not of result, therefore it does not guarantee any result.

Terms of payment
Payment is made by credit card or prepaid card belonging to the stripe or paypal circuit. The payment will be one-off based on the package chosen and the agreed amount will be automatically deducted. Paying by bank transfer, the services will be provided only and exclusively once accounted for.
By purchasing you agree to activate the payment.
The services provided are those listed and described on the website. The price of the services is inclusive of taxes and any ancillary costs. The price of the service ordered is determined on the basis of the subscription plan to which you subscribe.
The execution of the service begins following the user’s adhesion and the related payment.

The services are purely digital in nature, irrevocable (it is not possible to make a return of the service) and abstract. From the moment you make the purchase, there is no refund for any reason. Only in some cases can the supplier issue a refund at its discretion.
By purchasing you agree not to receive any refunds.

Liability towards third parties
The supplier assumes no liability from a criminal or civil standpoint, in relation to the application of the course. All responsibility in this regard lies with the user. Any sanctions or claims for compensation addressed to the supplier relating to the published content are guaranteed for the entire owner of the profile who as of now undertakes to hold the supplier harmless from any liability.