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Electric and hybrid cars course

Gain a thorough understanding of the technology behind electric cars.

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Why should you take this course?

Electric cars are more than a new means of mobility. They have been recognized as an essential element of the energy transition. Delivering on their promise will mean a significant shift in the technical, digital and social dimensions of transport and energy infrastructure. If you are interested in learning about the cutting edge technology behind electric cars then this is the course for you! This course focuses on the technology behind electric cars. You will explore the principle of operation of electric vehicles, delve into the key roles played by motors and power electronics, learn about battery technology, electric vehicle charging, smart charging and future trends in electric car development. This course was co-developed by Racext, digitalnow and latuamoto. Join the course and prepare for the transformation of the market.

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Electric Car Course

What will you learn?


  • Principle of operation of electric cars
  • Engines and power electronics in an electric car
  • Battery technology
  • Relevant technologies and innovations for charging infrastructure, such as smart charging
  • Future technology for electric vehicles such as wireless charging and solar electric vehicles


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He works in the repair of electric vehicles

The engine market is rapidly changing, and now for thousands of mechanics comes the time of the accounts, an increasingly high competition and the gradual reduction of combustion vehicles in favor of electric ones makes it necessary to convert and update engine professionals to this category of vehicles, which will in any case need expert and up-to-date personnel

We have published this manual with the intention of showing the technology that electric cars bring. At the moment there is very little information on this topic and what little there is is widely distributed on the internet without any criteria and difficult to understand.

In this manual we have collected this information and displayed it in the most understandable way for everyone.


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Currently the world of engines is one of those that undergoes the greatest changes, which is why Racext has created the course for electric vehicles, dedicated to anyone interested in this sector. In addition, the growing installation of battery charging systems in major cities requires professionals.

This electric vehicle course will allow you to increase your knowledge for:

  • Distinguish the main components of electric and hybrid vehicles and know the basic fundamentals of their operation.
  • Know the types of charging systems on the market based on their application, as well as the most appropriate places to charge an electric vehicle.
  • Differentiate the existing types of traction batteries, their advantages and disadvantages, understanding the physical bases that regulate the storage of energy in a battery.
  • Master the management of the tables of the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations, the choice of the section of the conductors and the minimum diameters of the pipes.
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A course designed by highly qualified personnel


Getting to know electric cars.

Start your journey on electric and hybrid cars today by taking advantage of our online courses.


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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:


Do you need previous qualifications to enter this course?

No, it is not necessary as this course is a specific private car mechanic course which starts the training from the basics.

Is it necessary to have previous knowledge of mechanics?

No, no prior knowledge of car mechanics is required, as we start from the basics.

Is there a minimum age to take this course?

There is no age limit to attend this course, anyone can take it, only the payment must be made by a person over the age of 18.

How long does the course last?

The course should be completed in 4 months. But our goal is that you receive the necessary knowledge for your training, so if you need more time to study the course, you have a full year to complete it and take the online exam.

Can the course be attended from another country?

Being an online course, it can be taken from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone and an internet connection.

How and when do I receive the participation diploma?

You will receive the participation diploma after passing the online test directly on your E-mail, it is not a mechatronics diploma but a diploma that will allow you to make your workshop or the workshop where you work, a partner workshop racext

What is the digital badge?

The digital badge is a seal that certifies you as a professional trained in Racext Academy

This badge is an image with the Racext Academy logo that you can place on your website to let your visitors know that you have successfully trained at a reputable mechanics school.

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